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Welcome to JD Farms


Welcome to JD Farms

JD Farms was established in April 2004 by Jeff and Don.

We are located near Poplarville, Mississippi. Our story is simple–we both have had agricultural backgrounds (and a love of farming) so we began researching and building our blueberry farm.

Our blueberries are naturally grown (with a little nutritional supplementation). The soil around South Mississippi is ideal for growing blueberries, and with the right amount of drip irrigation, our blueberry plants grow quite well! We are stewards of the land, so we use minimal to no chemicals on the blueberry plants. With that said, however, we do not claim to be and do not profess to be organic at this point!


What We Do

Pearl River Tea Products

Pearl River Tea Company grows, processes, and ships a variety of black and green teas, either bulk-packed or individually bagged in attractive tin containers.

Local Blueberries

JDFarms -Grows and harvests a variety of blueberries that are distributed locally at farmers markets, as well as the Crescent City Farmers Market, and local grocery stores. For those who like smoothies, frozen blueberries are also available.

Baked Goods

JD Farms (carrying out the tradition from our friend Captain Karl Mueller) showcase German Stollen at seasonal markets in November and December and can also be ordered online. We also have blueberry/banana bread during our blueberry season as well as blueberry muffins.

Locally Roasted Coffee

One of our newest products at Pearl River Coffee, which is a locally grown and roasted medium roast coffee. This will be available soon online and in local stores and farmer's markets.