Captain Karl MuellerThe history of Mueller’s Real Bread LLC begins with the life of Karl Mueller, born and raised in Ruegen, (a small German island in the Baltic Sea Karl, met Jane, a Philadelphia native during his travels to the United States as the captain of a merchant marine ship. In order to improve the command of his English, Karl decided in 1973 to live in the New Orleans area before returning to his homeland of Germany.

Deprived of the hearty breads he was accustomed to in Germany, Karl became a hobby baker, typically baking four different bread varieties. These breads included pumpernickel, dark rye, a sour dough bread, and a traditional holiday bread called Stollen. The Stollen bread (a loaf shaped cake with dried fruits and nuts, dusted with powdered sugar), became quite a hit at the Crescent City Farmers Markets during holiday times on Tuesdays and Saturdays. perfected delicious and healthy German breads hard to find in the United States. The ingredients of these breads are all natural, using untreated whole grain flour, no added fat, no added sugar, natural dietary fiber, and cholesterol free.

In March of 2015, Mueller turned 80 years old, and decided to transfer his knowledge and baking skills to his friends and neighbors, a local Blueberry Farm partnership, JD Farms. So during this time, all of the rights and ownership of the name, logo and recipes for Mueller’s Real Bread LLC were transferred to the above owners, Jeff Brown and Donald Vandewerken of JD Farms.

With these changes and a few new and exciting additions, Mueller’s Real Bread LLC will be reintroduced at local farmers markets and grocery stores in the near future:

Dark Rye Traditional (Schwarzbrot)

Dark Rye with Seeds (Vollkornbrot)

Country Bread (Landbrot)

Artisan White Bread

Six Grain (Alpen Mischbrot)

Pumpernickel (Korn Duo)

Ms. Janes Favorite

Muellers Traditional Holiday Bread*(Stollen)

*Blueberry muffins, banana-blueberry bread, dutch breads,

*(TBD) are also coming to local markets. Updates will be posted on their arrival dates.