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JD Farms was established in April 2004 by Jeff and Don. We are located near Poplarville, Mississippi. Our story is simple–we both have had agricultural backgrounds (and a love of farming) so we began researching and building our blueberry farm.

As a brief background, Jeff has had many years in marketing, customer service, and in the restaurant industry. Don has had many positions tied to the agriculture industry, so we felt that this would be a good direction for us, and something we both could contribute to and find interest in. Fortunately (for the short term), we both have had other jobs ( just in case our seasons did not yield well for us)–and still have kept our day jobs! We had just finished clearing land on our 49-acre farm when Hurricane Katrina struck landfall in our area! So after several months of grueling clean up–(repairing the house, the barn, removing hundreds of pine trees) (and with lots of prayers), we began the process of planting 20 acres of rabbiteye variety blueberries.

Our blueberries are naturally grown (with a little nutritional supplementation). The soil around South Mississippi is ideal for growing blueberries, and with the right amount of drip irrigation, our blueberry plants grow quite well! We are stewards of the land, so we use minimal to no chemicals on the blueberry plants. With that said, however, we do not claim to be and do not profess to be organic at this point!

After a couple of years, we also started growing blackberries, Asian pears, persimmons, pomegranates, olives and a very new idea– Tea- camellia sinenis. We will keep you posted on the success of the new fruits we are growing. Farm Location

Product Availability

JD Farms markets blueberries three different ways. Since 2008, we have been a seasonal vendor at the Tuesday and the Saturday New Orleans Crescent City Farmers Market. Firstly, we sell 5 lb boxes, full flats, large quart size containers, pint size containers, and frozen berries. Secondly, we are members of the Miss-Lou Blueberry Co-op. Each year we increase our fresh sales through our Co-op’s label. Miss-Lou is our source for Food Safety and Good Agricultural Practices. Lastly, we sell directly to several wholesaler food brokers, restaurants and family- operated grocery stores around New Orleans. So look for the JD Farms blueberry label in your local areas and grocery stores!

Blueberry Fruit is usually ripe and available about Memorial Day (May 30) until around Independence Day (July 4th).

We do deliver large orders! Contact Us!

Agriculture Tourism: We are a working farm with many different projects and activities. We do limit the visits to the farm but do allow certain groups to U-pick. We provide educational tours and we cater to non profit groups, schools, or families that are interested in doing a group pick . So if you are interested in visting J&D Blueberry Farm, please contact us for an appointment.

Traditionally in the second weekend of June, we are vendors at the Poplarville’s exciting Annual Blueberry Jubilee. For the past 30 years, this event has brought thousands of people to the area to see crafts and buy blueberries. So check out all the fun!

JD Farms US

JD Farms has been established since 2004, and is in production currently with approximately 20 acres of blueberries, with varieties including Premier, Climax, Brightwell, Legacy, Star,and Alapaja, which are rabbiteye varieties of blueberries. We also have thornless hybrid blackberries growing in approximately 2 acres. Also in cultivation are a variety of Japanese cooking pears, peaches and apples. We are some in the developmental stages of clearing 70 more acres of land that will later be used to grow a variety of organic vegetables.